Songs in David Alt's Portfolio

TrackSong TitleTimeEnsembleAlbum
1Prodigal Silence3:12David AltStudio Jazz
2Windows5:57The QwaynetetBoston Sessions
3The Cry4:08David AltBig Band Compositions
4As It Was7:06MIT Festival Jazz EnsembleBig Band Compositions
5In a Ditch5:44Canonical EnsembleBig Band Compositions
6Nancy5:00Lydian People's FrontLaundry For The Nineties
7Subversion2:22David AltStudio Jazz
8Stomping Ground2:43David AltStudio Jazz
9Tarragon8:21LPF/TRME Jazz CollectiveAudio Ritual/A Last Look at Love
10Faith5:54TRME Jazz CollectiveA Last Look at Love
11Nuclear Waste7:54Canonical EnsembleBoston Sessions
12This Unmemorable Evening7:46TRME Jazz CollectiveA Last Look at Love
13We Declare3:26Alt TalWe Declare
14Apricot Admissions6:28Alt TalLast Stand
15Bike Lanes5:48Alt TalLast Stand
16John Ashcroft8:22Alt TalLast Stand
17Spring to Mission Hill4:05Mutual Admiration OrgFlaming Hakama Reception and Serenade
18The End of Bebop4:34The QwaynetetBoston Sessions
19'Trane's Sound7:42The QwaynetetBoston Sessions
20Just a Dead Ringer for Monica Lewinsky3:30Alt TalTri
21The Call (from a Redhead)4:45Alt TalTri
22The Maze6:30Alt TalTri
23Three Out of Four Nights8:10Alt TalTri
24for the death of my friends3:34Lydian People's FrontLaundry For The Nineties
25Romance (Seduction)3:03Mutual Admiration OrgSoCha Encore
26Just a Cup of Coffee7:26Mutual Admiration OrgTracking
27Nina's Hats3:50Canonical EnsembleBig Band Compositions
28Presque Tire Sale in God's Country5:17Mutual Admiration OrgSoCha Encore
29The Optimist3:13Mutual Admiration OrgFlaming Hakama Reception and Serenade
30The Matrix of Denial1:25David AltJazz Compositions - Combo
31Beautiful Moons Ago3:09Mutual Admiration OrgTracking
32Forgotten Aspect4:50ACMAP Staff Big BandBig Band Compositions
33Palo Alto Susan6:36Mutual Admiration OrgFlaming Hakama Reception and Serenade
34Waiting for the Magic4:59Mutual Admiration OrgTracking
35Shoe Connotations2:43David AltJazz Compositions - Combo
36The Rhythm Method4:26Mutual Admiration OrgFlaming Hakama Reception and Serenade
37Open Letter to Julie2:07Mutual Admiration OrgSoCha Encore
38Listening (head out)2:33TRME Jazz CollectiveA Last Look at Love
39It Only Happens Once2:45Mutual Admiration OrgTracking
40Dusk in the Courtyard5:25Mutual Admiration OrgSoCha Encore
41Jasmine4:42Mutual Admiration OrgSoCha Encore
42Days7:46Canonical EnsembleBig Band Compositions
43Sambo, Sambae6:44The Lydian People's FrontAudio Ritual
44A Last Look at Love6:39TRME Jazz CollectiveA Last Look at Love
45Enclosure7:08David AltBig Band Compositions
46Anne's Eyes9:06David AltBig Band Compositions
47Fade6:06David AltBig Band Compositions
48Once Again5:22Canonical EnsembleBig Band Compositions
49Blue Choice6:42David AltJazz Compositions - Combo
50November Longing7:13TRME Jazz CollectiveBig Band Compositions
51You Are Too Beautiful7:52Canonical EnsembleBig Band Compositions