Alt Tal is a passionate and hard-hitting
Jazz ensemble in the San Francisco Bay Area

Who play live every month in Oakland.

Find out why Alt Tal's CD

Open the Gates!
is gaining critical acclaim.

Recent Gigs  

Chinese Historical Society Museum
965 Clay Street, San Francisco 94080
Thursday, 12 April 6:00 PM
no cover

Remnants: Artists respond to the Chinese American Experience

Alt Tal will be performing at this reception.

Join us to celebrate the opening of the new exhibition which explores artists' interpretation of and response to the Chinese American experience.

Four artists are participating in the spring installation: Nancy Hom, Lenora Lee, Cynthia Tom and Flo Oy Wong

View the work, speak with the artists, enjoy refreshments, and see the Museum's revitalized galleries.

With this creative approach to its exhibition program, CHSA hopes to invent a new experience for its visitors. The selected work focuses on personal narrative, memory and family--concepts that characterize Chinese America.

Jack Kerouac Alley (Columbus & Broadway)
Sunday, 22 April 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
no cover

A Fair to Remember

Alt Tal plays in the famous Alley outside Vesuvio Caffe.

Local artists. Games. Prizes. Cotton Candy. Unique items. Sweets. All ages. Music by Alt Tal and Ash Reiter.

Sponsored by Vesuvio and Lagunitas IPA

About the Band  

David Alt of Alt Tal
David Alt, the composer and saxophonist of Alt Tal, is a creative visionary for the 21st century.
Kenny Annis of Alt Tal
Kenny Annis, Alt Tal's bass player, also performs with Damon & the Heathens, Vinsantos and Jill Tracy's Malcontent Orchestra.
Andrew Ryan of Alt Tal
Andrew Ryan, Alt Tal's drummer, also performs Afro-Cuban folkloric drumming with Michael Spiro and plays bata drums with Susana Arenas' dance company.


Read about critical acclaim for Alt Tal.

Alt Tal's Open The Gates! is the sound of a fierce jazz trio who are in control of their sonic destiny.

The musicianship is very elaborate, as they play direct and to the point, occasionally drifting into a bit of freedom before falling back into the theme of the song, and I could easily see then moving crowds into a frenzy with their playing.